Derek Delacroix – Trip Hop To Get Your Monday Morning To A Great Start


It’s Monday again.  Time to get back to work for everyone.  Personally I needed a little push today after a rather “rock star” weekend.  A music genre that is usually able to get my motor running is electronic dance music.  When I have work to do while I listen I usually hunt down some instrumentals so I don’t get distracted by the lyrics.  Today’s discovery led me to Derek Delacroix.

Derek Delacroix

The producer/DJ from San Diego, California creates unique electronic instrumentals combining elements of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul, Jazz and Dance Music heavy on the trance side.  Derek has a knack for creating full soundscapes from simple sounds and beats, blending them together in ways that will captivate the listener.  He is prolific in his sonic output as well with 25 songs currently available for free download on his Soundcloud page.  As I went through the tracks I became more and more intrigued into how he was able to use these sounds to truly enter my mind and put a bounce in my work day.  Track such as ‘Bounce City’ and ‘Space Safari’ have that element of energy that almost instantly cause your toes to tap and head to bob.  Derek Delacroix explores many sub-genres with in the electronic realm.  Some standouts are the Trip Hop ‘Brass Tax’ and the ambient banger ‘Night Song Of The Jungle’.  There is something for everyone here.  If the mood needs to be darker explore the downtempo ‘Voyager 1’ or the dark trip hop of ‘Tuff Gong’.  It seems like Derek is always open to trailblazing new psychedelic and exotic sounds.  Keep up with his musical output at:

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