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Devil Makes Three Confront All Their Vices

American folk rock is absolutely one of the truest genres that there is. There’s no need for auto-tune or computerized sounds, just true heartfelt vocals and some ass kicking instrument numbers. The Devil Makes Three is a two man, one woman band that showcases folk rock in the simplest and truest way they can. This trio has just released their latest album, Redemption and Ruin, on September 16 and started their North American tour two days later. Needless to say, this group has got quite a bit to celebrate.

Their latest album was introduced to me through a track called “Champagne and Reefer,” which already proves to me that these three have quite the wild side to them. The music video that accompanies this track depicts a black and white scene with a man and a woman sitting on the couch. The border that frames the video only enhances the idea that this is a very classic scene, and as the track begins, I’m already set to start rocking out.

Devil Makes Three Bring A Lovable Rockabilly Sound

What you’ll find throughout the album is an entire series of covers, so being able to listen to the originals and see the spins that The Devil Makes Three has made to the tracks is definitely interesting. The country twang that I hear as soon as the vocals begin will make this the perfect track to swing along to at a dimly lit bar, the music streaming from an old jukebox. The guitar sequence in this song is enticing to say the least, and is that the slightest bit of fiddle playing I hear?

The video has all of the qualities of a much-loved silent film, but the song itself gives quite the bit of a modern spin to it all. The combination of the two really sets it all off and adds to the perfection. By the end of the song you’ll hear “I’m gonna stick to my reefer / Ain’t messin’ around with no cocaine,” so you’ll get a drug safety lesson with this one as well. Overall, a very classic country sound with a great dancing beat.

Check out “Champagne and Reefer” from Redemption and Ruin over on YouTube.

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