Dillon Francis Says “Love Me Better”

Dillon Francis is a producer, songwriter and DJ who has been creating energetic electronic tracks in a variety of genres for nearly a decade. As a musician and a multi-talent Francis is prolific, and since his major label debut in 2014 he has produced several albums, in both English and Spanish, produced and acted in comedy series “Like and Subscribe” and has released multiple clothing lines.

Francis’s next full length album is presently in the works, and the project’s second single “Love Me Better” was recently released. The track was produced in collaboration with U.K. writer and producer Shift K3Y and features the vocals of singer-songwriter Marc E. Basey.

Listen to “Love Me Better” below

“Love Me Better” is an atmospheric yet rhythm driven song perfect for getting back on the dancefloor this summer. Basey’s laid back vocals mix perfectly with the echoey synth of the melody on top of driving drum and bass beats which bring the whole song together. The song is raised from simplicity to emotive complexity through artful atmospheric touches to the music.

“Love Me better” is a song with many levels of enjoyment to be found. It’s clear it will definitely get listeners excited for the summer and whatever else Francis is working toward in the future.

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