Disinterment is Here With ‘DEMONIACAL Dispel’

There are many death metal bands that now in the middle of the first decade of the 2000s manufacture brutality and viciousness. Disinterment’s EP entitled “Demoniacal Dispel” unpretentiously delivers pure and unadulterated mayhem and monstrousness with rabid onslaught that smashes you with “Depredated Daemon” then roars furiously and builds tension track after track to “Dispossessed”, “Deluge Prophecy / Delubyong “, “Demoniacal Dispel” and “Domain Of The Damned”.

This CD demonstrates the way Disinterment bends tempo, shifting to create nullity to burrow the guttural vocals and low, chromatic bass lines before it changes trajectory again to multiple abrupt aggression of guitars ushered by grinding drum assault. 

Disinterment’s EP entitled “Demoniacal Dispel” reveals a shifting battery of pounding steering potent riffing and chasmic chanting that contributed in defining 90’s death metal music movement. The songs in this album are solid and well thought out, most outstanding tracks here are “Domain Of The Damned” and “Depredated Daemon” which storms along freakishly ripping rhythms and spectral growls. “Demoniacal Dispel” tracks unleashed unnerving and stirring solos over the shifting melodic progressions and barrage of heavy-limbed attacks.

This EP is like stabbing the same wound incessantly with different blades every time. Disinterment’s “Demoniacal Dispel” is hellishly dominant, terrifying but at the same time appeasingly deadening! Buy this record while you still can, available in most independent music stores in the tri-state area!

Disinterment’s Discography:

• Defiled Covenant: Written and composed in 1997-1998 by Disinterment; Songs in the album are DisIntro, Despoiled Dominion (Bonus Track Version), Divine Retribution, Dawn of Abomination, Desecrated Remnants, Diluvian Crescent, Desolate Damnation and Darkness Enthralled.

• Demoniacal Dispel: Written and composed in 1998-1999 by Disinterment; Songs in the album are Depredated Daemon, Dispossessed, Deluge Prophecy / Delubyong Propesiya, Demoniacal Dispel and Domain Of The Damned.

• Domination Defied: Written and composed in 1999-2000 by Disinterment; Songs in the album are DisIntro ll, Decapitating The Devourer, Domination Defied, Devotional Immolation, Dreadful Insurrection, Decimated Descendants and Deceptive Indoctrination.

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