DJ Hello Is Here To Say ‘Hello’

DJ Hello

As electronic music has grown in popularity and exposure, more and more artists are bringing their own styles into the genre. There is no ‘standard’ style and creators are free to build their own personal genre within the electronic music world. Our recent find DJ Hello is here to introduce himself with his debut, Hello EP.

The producer, also known by his given name Harrison Avery, was exposed to a wide variety of music in his early years. DJ Hello mentions influence from Beethoven to the Beatles, from Kraftwerk to Skrillex, from Louis Armstrong to Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah, from Sugar Hill Gang to Kanye West. When he discovered electronic music at the age of 10 a new world opened up where he could create his own unique sound borrowing from his wide world of influences. 

Now ready to share himself with the world, DJ Hello is here with his debut, Hello EP. The 4-track record takes his best work from the past year into one complete package offering up 4 different electronic styles. Something for everyone.

For the self-titled opener “HELLO!” we get instantly transported to the dance floor. The dark beat pounds ahead with reckless abandon getting bodies to instantly start moving along. He plays with all your senses showing who is in control. 

There is quite a switch-up for “I Want A Sunflower Field”. Rich jazz elements are introduced with the addition of Brad Aiken on Saxophone and Matt Twombly on Rhodes Organ. This is super chill music that lets us relax after the opening assault on our senses. 

“Half Moon” bounces back to the dance floor but has a spacey tone that lifts us all higher. Trance elements can be felt as your mind is allowed to focus on multiple melodies as the song progresses. 

The closer “Phi” is launched to intentionally scramble your mind. The quick melody morphs along into a cacophony of sound that goes in any direction that it sees fit. There is a lot to take in here with instrumentation coming from so many different angles. Choose your poison and stick with it. The next listen can be a totally different journey.

Keep up with DJ Hello on INSTAGRAM.

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