“Do You Dream?” Because Møons Does

Few things are more respectable in music than being able to record a song with quality in the comforts of your own home. Møons is an artist that constantly strives to do just that. Taking the intimacy and warmth already in his bedroom and putting that forth into his music, creating something that is wholly raw and organic. Forget the frills; this isn’t music for the general listener, but those who can be open to give Møons a listen won’t be disappointed.

In his latest single, Møons set out to create an atypical love song. “Do You Dream?” pairs love with the pain of loneliness. Intimate in it’s nature, the single is a melodic duet with his girlfriend, and throughout the song their voices dance back and forth with each other. Møons sings in Creole/Cajun French, with the depth and warmth to his voice pairing perfectly with the brightness his girlfriend provides as she sings in English.

You’re not going to find the flashy elements of top 40 songs in “Do You Dream?” but rather you’ll find soul and heart. Raw and unedited, Møons main goal is to make the listener FEEL. To help further instill the emotional element “Do You Dream?” has an accompanying music video. Much like the recording process for the single, you can tell that the music video was made completely on the DIY level. Even still, the message comes across loud and clear and the video pairs perfectly with the song. The dark tones and shadows perfectly exemplify the darkness and loneliness that “Do You Dream?” touches on.

While rather elusive, you can find more from Møons on Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram.

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