Dolores Haze Partners with #MeToo in Edgy New Track

Dolores Haze brings pure rebellious, badass girl power in full force. With irreverent lyrics and satirical topics, this group brings attitude and gives zero shits about who is offended or listening.


From Stockholm, Sweden, this girl group released The Haze is Forever back in 2015. Made up of Groovy Nickz, Lucky Lollo, Foxy Sagz, the glam pop trio also released the eyebrow raising single “White House” in 2017.


Most recently Dolores Haze has released “Banana” in light of the global movement #MeToo. While the lyrics may bring a smirk to the listeners face, the song deals with the reality that women face with men in the workplace and in social settings. The full length album Banana  is due August 6 to Warner Music.


Dolores Haze Doesn’t Want to See Your Banana


“I might wanna talk to your mama (your ding dong dangle), I don’t wanna see your banana” snears frontwoman Nickz as the rest of the group plays along to the catchy tune.

With a repetitive chanting type chorus, this track unleashes a firestorm of emotions from women all across the globe. Through double edged lyrics and relentless wit, the group makes references to a certain male body part throughout the entirety of the song. Partners of the #MeToo Movement, Dolores Haze makes it very clear that they are tired of being bombarded with sexual images and innuendos.


Though the lyrics may raise some eyebrows and bring about a couple of laughs, the message is clear and the song is packed with musicality and actual instrumentalism. All way from the opening whistles of the track, double entendres litter the song and increase the humor and irony. The steady drum beat keeps time as the frontwoman carries the track.


Pop divas Dolores Haze did not come to play around. Their music is unapologetic, raw, and sharp- leaving them a force to be reckoned with.

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