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Dre Buchanan – Controversial Video Sure To Gain Some Attention

One of the hardest parts of music promotion is getting noticed.  Sometimes an artist has to take it to extremes to cause a stir.  We recently discovered the controversial music video by Dre Buchanan.  Take a hard look at it below:


Those are some shocking visuals and there seems to be multiple ways to take it in.  I think that is the point though.  We had a chance recently to speak with the brains behind the operation.  Enjoy the interview below:

Tell us about the origin of Ivy League Studios and why you chose the name?

My partners and I opened up The Ivy League Studios in 2011. We wanted to create a space where the people from the city can interact with the Yale community. The studio provided local businesses and artists’ services to present their product or services to their fans and potential customers. We named it the Ivy League because the name is synonymous with high quality. Also we were located in Downtown New Haven on a prestigious Ivy League campus

You have a way of getting big attention, some good, some not so good. Tell us about the feedback you get with your music and videos?

I really don’t think our method was negative at all. I think it was a way to bring awareness to how we project our image to the world. Coming from New Haven, CT the Industry already has a certain stereotype of what is expected from us so we had to come from an angle nobody has come from. In no part were we trying to be racist or degrade women, it was just an artistic expression to get our brand out.

We are receiving positive feedback overall from all people. Of course some people had their negative comments. People respect the artistic and marketing genius of the video. Once people get past the first 30 seconds they will realize that the video is actually a commercial promoting and our services. The music has received tons of praise. Yayo University is the promo for the Yayo University EP. All my music is clean and radio friendly, and the streets love it.

The latest music video for Dre Buchanan’s “Walking White Women Through Yale University” has some wild imagery.  Tell us how you came up with that?

Well like I said I’m from New Haven Ct. most people associate it with a prestigious Ivy League Institution. So we named the song Yayo University (Yale University) as a pun on words. On the street cocaine is called white girl, so we put the imagery together. I’m distributing my business card like it was drugs and I’m also showing the world My City from the campus to the hoods.

The video is quite shocking, how has the New Haven CT community handled it?

 My city loves it. I inspired a lot of the young artist. I also empowered a lot of young black men who are tired of their negative portrayal on television ands the news. I have been getting calls from people across the country. It has the people talking. It’s creating excellent dialog in the conversations online as well. The local press covered the initial success of the video.

It seems there is something deeper behind the controversial video.  What does it mean to you?

Like all good Art, this video evokes emotions. Everyone has their unique perspective. If you were to read the comments on YouTube and on WSHH you will see the broad range of reactions from joy, triumph, to anger and resentment. That was my goal.

What is next for Ivy League Studios?  Where do you go from here?

What’s next is the release of The Yayo University EP coming soon, doing features and shooting videos for upcoming artists. If you need to some work hit me up @Nodenimlife or my team @ivyleagueteam. Stay tuned..


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This is absolutely one of the most beatless, talentless, blatantly ignorant sins I have ever listen to. I saw this guy dre buchanon on TV and he did such a horrible job publicly trying to back his own song and video against a smart black dude who was asking him questions, I had to see what this crap was he made… Crap is a nice word for this bums music what apunk. This is why I have black guys asking me to give them head on the bus in Milwaukee and don’t dress like a hoe..y’all putting us out there like whores with shit like this shame on u …don’t u wish u had a white girl like that

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