DUNxG Shows Off His “Evolution”

As a second generation hip-hop group, Oakland, CA’s DUNxG has a deep seeded history in music. DUNxG is compromised of S.O.T.U. (Son of the underground) and bandmate MEGA. Formed by the son of Jimi “Chopmaster J” Dright of Digital Underground, S.O.T.U. was raised within the music industry and knew he had to continue on with his father’s legacy.

“His genius is in my bones and blood. Our musical legacy will never be cancelled. The essence of the D.U. sound resonates in my beingness and D.U.Nx.G.  serves as proof of his innovation, vision and genius.”

DUNxG is an homage to the accomplishments his father had in Digital Underground, while also taking hip-hop to the next level. The act has managed to merge the past, present, and future to create a sound that stands out among the rest. “Evolution” is DUNxG’s latest single that is proving that there is always room for growth and change.

“Tupac used to say ‘You either evolve or become irrelevant’ – thus, the name of D.U.Nx.G.’s debut release is Evolution.”

It’s clear that there’s an endless bounty of talent within DUNxG. “Evolution” is smooth and cutting, instantly gaining your attention. The video features bright and colorful graphics that pair perfectly with the song’s message. This act is evolving into something other-worldly and the video depicts that flawlessly.

This track is dedicated to three minutes of good vibes and getting better. DUNxG has shown they are willing to put in the hard work to grow and change. “Evolution” is just the beginning of what will be a legendary career in music for them. Be sure not to miss out on what they’re up to next. You can find “Evolution” on DUNxG’s debut album of the same name.

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