Dylan Tauber Lets Us Know ‘He Loves Carmen’

As songwriters, we all must find inspiration from the people and places around us. Often we search too hard when real inspiration is staring us in the face. Our friend Dylan Tauber turned to what was closest to him for his latest album He Loves Carmen

The multi-talented artist has had a life filled with experiences to inspire him. Since graduating from Columbia University, Dylan Tauber has been all over the world. Such varied locales as NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence. 

Over the last 25 years Dylan has been writing, creating artwork, and producing music at a prolific rate. His impressive imagination never seems to stop. Last month he completed his 14th album titled He Loves Carmen. Fully inspired and dedicated to his girlfriend. The 14 track record hails itself as transcendental electronica.

Right from the opener “Don’t Tell Me,” the unique Dylan Tauber sound hits. Smooth yet energetic. The title track “I Love Carmen” has a way of showing emotion within a bouncy electro track that keeps the heart pumping and feeling at the same time. With songs like “Soulmate” and “I Love You” we know exactly what the artist is trying to say. There are no secrets here. 

On “Let It Go” some interesting production tricks are brought in to add more elements to keep our attention in tune to the music. The beat pushes forward as the smooth background soothes the soul. This energy trance is something that is not usually done very well. Dylan Tauber has found a way to master it. 

For motivational meaning we find “Light Warrior.” A powerful track big on vocals. The featured vocalist is actually Anastasia Derkach. Despite the war raging around her in Ukraine, she manages to reach out to us in epic proportion here. 

The smooth closer “ Love Is All That Exists” puts the real meaning of the album out there for all of us to feel. The slower pace allows the listener to relax and absorb the true emotiotive power produced. This is lacking in much of the modern music we hear.

Keep tabs on more from Dylan Tauber HERE.

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