Early Grey is ‘Bound For Glory’

Hard rock may have lost its presence in the mainstream in America over the last few years but the scene in Europe is alive and well. The fans are rabidly supporting their favorite real rock stars. Our recent discovery of Early Grey from Moscow, Russia is a prime example of this power still reigning.

The hard rock project started in 2016 with a strong debut album Secrets of the Heart getting Early Grey on the radar of many music journalists and fans. The band is made up of excellent and experienced musicians including lead singer Marcello Vieira, drummer Dmitriy Kovalev, and guitarist Sergey “Grey” Lisin who is also the main songwriter. Together they create a sound that is based on the combination of heavy guitar riffs, powerful drums, catchy melodies, and strong vocals.

Earlier this month Early Grey released their third album Bound For Glory. The 10 track record brings back the 80’s hard rock sound with a glimpse into the future. The opener “Anytime” starts us off with that flashback energy complete with a pounding keyboard and driving guitars. There is a darker vibe to “Electioneering” with the lyrics taking their time over some excellent guitar work. The band comes together creating a tapestry of rock sound.

On “Shine To The World” Early Grey pulls an array of genres together for a complete song. There is punk mixed with progressive rock and some big arena rock sound here. The album continues with other highlights being “Is It Real?” and “World On Fire”. For the closer “Somewhere In The Night”, the band gives us their most future-ready track complete with a story and modern hard rock energy ready to bring the fans along for the ride.

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