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IBG Premiere – Easy Sleeper -‘Doctor’

There is a point in any band’s development where the decision must be made to go ‘all-in’. This should not be taken lightly. There are many things to consider. Will the bandmembers be able to get along, can we get by on limited funds, is everyone willing to put in the work. Our recent discovery Easy Sleeper seems to be at this point and moving ahead strong with their new single ‘Doctor’.

The band was formed in 2018, when Douglas Guttenberger, Alex Charles Lubeck, and David Poznansky rubbed shoulders in the Washington D.C. music scene. Together they produce a soothing indie rock sound that ventures into emo at some points. After a year making a name for themselves locally, Easy Sleeper made the big decision to go ‘all-in’. They picked up and relocated to Koreatown in Los Angeles to be part of a bigger evolving music scene. 

Indie Band Guru is happy to premiere the latest single from Easy Sleeper. ‘Doctor”. The song eases in with a warm and mellow lo-fi sound that brings the listener in close. The lyrics are meant to make you think. Easy Sleeper hopes to explain the importance of contradictions in modern society and how they create and balance the world that we live in. The song is about wanting a “doctor that smokes.” “We all have contradictions.. and that’s what makes us ultimately human,” says Poznansky. 

As the song builds to the second half we get an all out attack of energy, still smoothed out by a chorus of sound. We may not have been ready but soon find our heads banging along ready to get up and move. 

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