Easy Stride Band Are Escaping From The ‘Satellite’ With Their New Single

Easy Stride Band lives and breathes for performing their music live. All that have been to one of their gigs can confirm the feel-good factor they create. Personally, I have never left one of their shows without a smile on my face. Together, Joe Fleming (vocals, guitar with a loop station), Noah Burton (bringing the electro vibes), and Benny Brooke (bass) create an infectious sound, they describe as “a deft fusion of soul and reggae to create upbeat, feel-good music, combining live vocal and guitar loops with deep bass and head-nodding beats.”

Not one of their songs has failed to have their trademark infectious groove. However, they like to mix up the tempo with their releases. With tracks such as “Shoulders” and the outstanding “Collider” offering more of a chilled-out vibe. They can bring the party with fan favorites “Dreamer” and “Nomad.” What remains a constant is a sound that is pure joy to hear. There was some silence from the band as the world went crazy. But, the guys are back with their new single “Satellite.”

Watch the video for “Satellite” below

“Satellite” opens with a slow groove to set the stage for Fleming to get his story started. He does so with the lines, “You use your phone, you make a signal / That fly’s high into the sky to somewhere far far away / Once they connect you they can catch you / Keep you on a digital leash keeping tabs all day.” It is a story about how people have become too fixated on their phones. Doing so, blocking themselves off to the world. 

Easy Stride Band want you to live in the now and the real world. As highlighted during the bridge, “Spinning around like the laundrettes machines / I’m spinning around suffocating all the need / To be looking around / Enjoying the freedom that I’m breathing in / Come with me, be a wayfarer.” They deliver the message more when their singalong hook arrives, “Satellite, you ain’t never gonna find me / So stop wasting your time! / Satellite you ain’t never gonna catch me / I’m never gonna stand in line.”

“Satellite” is yet another great example of the cool groove that Easy Stride Band can deliver. Like all of their tracks, just press play and enjoy!

While Flemming shares his tale, the trio (as a collective) is working their musical magic. All of them intertwine the various instruments to create yet another infectious mood. The electronic beats get under your skin and make you want to move. While the synths shine during the bridge as they deliver a quieter moment within the track. A combination that brings everything together to create another excellent release by the Easy Stride Band. If you want more from the guys, then it’s good news. They have more new music on the way, including a new album. 

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