“You’re Going To Hell” With Electric Peace

Looking for some post-punk psychedelic music in your life? Look no further than Electric Peace and their newest EP titled You’re Going To Hell. 

Electric Peace got its start in the 80s playing punk music in Reseda, California. The band consists of Brian Kild (vocals), Jay Ziskrout (drums), and Greg Welsh (guitar), with Chuck Harter and Doby Daenger lending their background vocals to the EP. 

You’re Going to Hell has received airplay on more than 50 college and non-commercial radio stations across the country. 

Check Out “You’re Going to Hell” Below: 

Each song has its own unique high energy vibe that takes you right back to that classic punk sound. The opening song “You’re Going to Hell” made me feel like I was entering the gates of hell, ready to party. 

We have reviewed “Dinah Might” recently here at Indie Band Guru, but this song has a 60s/80s surf rock vibe and tells the lore of a surfer lost at sea who is said to surf the night sky. 

“Stranded in Love” is a pretty relatable song. I’m sure most of us have felt haunted by a lover and left feeling stranded before. It also has a catchiness to it. I found myself boppin and singing along to the chorus “I’m stranded in love.”

The ending track “Tell Me You Hate Me” has a heavy use of guitar and the lyrics  “do me a favor, tell me you hate me”. This is a true punk song at heart. It was the perfect amount of energy to close out the EP. 

When I think of the punk genre, I think high energy, total chaos, do what you want, play how you want. I definitely get that when listening to Electric Peace.

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