Elisha Marin Releases Debut Album ‘Shining Out’

Folkster singer-songwriter Elisha Andrew Marin recently released his debut album titled Shining Out on June 18, 2021. 

Elisha Andrew Marin is a man of many talents. He’s a self-taught musician and artist based out of Minnesota. He is president of the Freeborn County Arts Initiative in Albert Lea, Minnesota. FCAI is a non-profit dedicated to promote regional arts and culture. They hope to transform the community into an arts and culture hub. 

Marin is also a member of the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, a music and art teacher, and founder of Inkfish, Inc. graphic design studio. It is truly impressive to see how involved Marin is in his community and his passion for the arts. The arts are often overlooked in communities, so it’s nice to see someone taking the initiative to keep them alive. 

Shining Out is a collection of the past 10 years of Marin’s life. Like many other artists, this album has been a long time coming due to the pandemic. The 12 track album is full of deeply personal songs, and has smooth lyricism and instrumentation flowing throughout its entirety. 

Check Out The Lyric Video for “Shining Out” Below:

After listening to the album front to back, I am in love with it. Folk is one of my favorite genres of music, so I was very excited to be given the opportunity to cover Marin’s Shining Out. What I really love the most about Folk music is the instrumentation. I appreciate the raw and calming nature of just a singer-songwriter and their guitar. Another thing is that the lyricism feels more intimate to me than other genres. 

I loved every song on Shining Out, and they all get a gold star from me for both instrumentation and lyricism. The two songs that stood out the most to me were “Respite Baby” for its instrumentation, and “Heavenly Father” for the meaning behind the lyrics. Shining Out is an amazing debut Folk album and very much worth checking out. 

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