Emily Blue Funding Her Debut EP Another Angry Woman

Emily Blue is an aspiring pop artist out of Chicago, Illinois with more than just music on her mind. Over the years, dozens of artists have devoted themselves to a cause much larger than themselves, but Emily Blue is really making a statement this year.

She’s not just crowdfunding to release her debut solo EP. Emily Blue is raising money for a cause that has plagued our society for as long as we’ve been here. She has pledged 75% of the proceeds amassed in her Kickstarter campaign to RACES, a rape crisis center dedicated to rape prevention and to bettering the lives of rape victims everywhere. The remaining funds will all go directly to the release of Another Angry Woman.

She’s already got a hot new song out called “No Pain” and it sounds great. The EP will surely be jam packed with other hard-hitting tunes just like it, so it’s definitely worth it to lend a helping hand.

Emily Blue Who?

Emily Blue strikes any and every listener with a pleasant feeling of both charm and enchantment.

One might find delight in the emotion she pulls from them with her piercing vocals and tear jerking lyricism. It’s really kind of tough to put her in any one genre, but it’s obvious that she’s got a very particular sound in mind when she gets her juices flowing.

“No Pain” is the kind of song that you can play at a girl’s getaway or at an event fit for the entire family. It’s slow, but doesn’t drag along. It’s simple but definitely won’t put you to sleep. Honestly, when you give Emily Blue a listen, you’ll see there’s really just nothing not to like!

Oh, and she took the time to make a video raising awareness as well. You can also visit her Soundcloud and take a look at what she has to offer.

Just Getting Started

At the end of the day, Emily Blue is just getting started.

This EP will be her first completed project and she’s anxious to get this show on the road. She’s got tons of awesome incentives to reward you for your donations and most of all, 75% of the proceeds are going to a great cause. What makes it all even better, is that her voice is even bigger than her heart.

Let’s see how just great she can be.

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