Escape Ring Yearns To Go ‘All The Way’

Music can often be the comfort you need in a difficult time. We have all experienced personal issues that required some solace. Our latest musical discovery Escape Ring has crafted sounds that can warm the heart.

The Melbourne, Australia based project is led by songwriter Darren Moss. As Escape Ring they borrow from the classic rock sound but apply an indie rock of today filter to give us something that is fresh and relatable. Comparisons have been made to bands such as Fleetwood Mac and Coldplay. Their songs have been catching attention as well with placements in US television shows and a publishing deal with Mojo Music and Media Group.

For their latest single “All The Way” released on October 28th. Escape Ring dives deeper into that safe and warm sonic space. The song chronicles trying to come to terms with a breakup that you didn’t see coming. I am sure most of us can relate to that. 

The slowed down melody draws the listener in close to feel what is happening here. The vocal delivery pours with emotion reminiscent of “Yellow” by Coldplay. The band provides that warm and cozy blanket to make everything better. The elegant instrument work does not distract but adds to this feeling. Things will get better. 

We are excited to keep up with Escape Ring and hear more soon. Find more on their WEBSITE.

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