Esso Gives You ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’

The most intriguing songs are often the most transparent songs. When an artist is willing to open up about their own struggles and successes in their songwriting, a kind of magic happens. The relatability bleeds through to the listener and a musical bond is created. Our friend Jared Macuso and his new band Esso seem to have done just that. 

The singer, songwriter, and guitarist has been making music for quite a while now. His style has grown and shifted over the years but the energy and talent has always remained. Now as Esso, the fresh sound pays homage to alt-rock 90’s icons such as Weezer, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, and more. The earworm melodies and raw energy come right at you.

Esso truly leans into the nostalgia of not only the music that influenced him but also the memories of growing up during that time and the life lessons that shaped him. The result is the new record Everything You Ever Wanted. The 11-track album is set for release on May 24th but Indie Band Guru got a sneak peek, and the excitement is warranted.

The fittingly titled “Starting Over” gets the album rolling. The grinding guitars provide the dark energy as Jared Mancuso’s vocals are delivered in a contrasting way to draw attention. Definitely some Weezer vibes on this one. We go in a different direction with the opening of “The Good Days”and its minimalistic voice and guitar flow. By the 1 minute mark the energy kicks up with the full band joining. An emotional vocal remembering the past lets us into the world of Esso. 

Relive 90s Emotional Energy on ‘I Don’t Feel Good’

On the lead single “I Don’t Feel Good,” Aliya Rose lends her vocals to flesh out the sound. The big screaming chorus will sink deep into your head. Be surprised if you are not singing along by the third time it hits. A fun and bouncy song that hits all the right notes. That energy continues on “I Know Just What You Want” with a more punk feel. The way that Esso combines multiple styles within one song is impressive. We all get what we want in one little package.

Inspiration comes from Stephen King’s ‘IT’ on “Beverly.” Esso acts as Ben singing to Beverly sharing that yearning that was hidden throughout much of the flick. The storytelling of Esso is on point. Some additional emotion is shared on “About The How.” A track that leans into the mellow acoustic vibe and Mancuso’s unique vocal.

The album closes with more raw energy on “This Is Only The Beginning.” The catchiness is tough to ignore through cool guitar sounds and a rhythm section that pushes forward with power. The fun rock of the 90’s is alive and well. 

Keep up with Esso as they bring back the best vibes of the rock we grew up on. Check out their website HERE. Give Everything You Ever Wanted a Pre-Save so you can hear it right as it is released.

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