Everyday Avenue Out To Spread ‘Peace’

Music can create so many feelings and emotions. Why not try to create some real positivity with your music. Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly and almost chemically changes your entire mood. Our recent discovery Everyday Avenue takes this to heart and aims to provide an uplifting experience with their new music video for “Peace”.

The project now based in both Manchester, England, and Vancouver, Canada, has been in the music game for a while. The journey of Everyday Avenue has gone from underground bootlegs to Top 40 hits, to global TV shows, to Ibiza club residencies to the world’s biggest festivals. 

The sound of Everyday Avenue is quite genre-fluid. The main starting point though will always be piano-driven Electronica with strong vocals. Beautiful sounds that can rewire your brain to a positive mood.

Everyday Avenue Shares Their ‘Peace’

For the recent song and music video for ‘Peace’, Everyday Avenue put a lot of imagery and meaning to paint a full picture for the fans. Released in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the official video depicts a possible scenario of how the world could be in the near future, with the aim of a computer hacker embedding a peace encryption into the worlds corporate companies to bring them down, in the aim of creating peace around the world.

A pretty piano starts it off with an electronic ambiance coming in quickly to transend the song, and your mind, to a higher level. The repeated ‘Peace On My Mind’ vocal seeps deeply into your brain seemingly motivating the listener to become a part of improving the world. The melody adds to this head-bopping motivation to be a part of the solution.

More music is coming soon. I am sure Everyday Avenue can keep the euphoria going. Keep up with them on their WEBSITE as well.

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