Canadian-Based Fast Romantics Sing of Their “American Love”

Fast Romantics showcase their top-tier musical talent in their new album “American Love”. The Canadian creatives behind the album are lead singer Matthew Angus, Jeffrey Lewis, Kirty, Kevin Black, Lisa Lorenz, and Nick McKinlay. Each member contributes a key element to the indie-rock vibes of “American Love”. Lead singer Angus and newer member Kirty create astounding contrasting harmonies of tenor and soprano. The two work great together, said Angus in an interview posted on Fast Romantic’s official page. “She balances me out. Whenever I get too loud, she reminds me that quiet can be more powerful,” Angus said. The other members of the group bring together guitar, synth, keyboards, and drums which combined with the vocal harmony creates a Mumford and Sons sounding folk record.

Not only does the group display their inventive sounds and catchy hooks in “American Love”, but represent a symbolic lyricism, too. The album has metaphors galore, singing about more than just love, but politics and the world, also.

“Is it a collection of love songs about politics or is it a collection of political songs about love?” -Angus of Fast Romantics

The 12 tracks that make up “American Love” were written over the past two years, specifically during the time when America’s politics were the talk of the town. Even though the group lives in Toronto, they were still immersed in the U.S. election via the heightened use of social media. Fast Romantics claim the lyrics are not about any actual countries, but the borders between them. They sing about overcoming and acknowledging the differences between countries. The group takes a step back when viewing American pop culture love stories. They take a deeper and more reality-based look at the “political and social turmoil” of the times. Each track is created with pure emotions of all sorts, from longing to joy. “American Love” is Fast Romantics’ hearts on their sleeves: a true look into the hearts and minds of each member of Fast Romantics.

We aren’t the only ones completely moved by Fast Romantics. Google Play deemed them as ‘Artist to Watch’ in 2017. They have also been awarded ‘Pop Group of the Year’ by Sirius XM Indies in 2014. Their song “Julia”, featured on “American Love”, also won the ‘SOCAN National Songwriting Prize’ in 2016. If you’re interested in seeing one of their well-known live shows, fear not. They will be going on tour through Canada and the U.S. soon!

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