Father Mountain Releases Poetic Debut LP ‘Apartment Living’

To say Father Mountain’s Apartment Living is the love child of Have Mercy’s “A Place of Our Own” and TWIABP’s “Harmlessness” is to say an incredibly dull understatement.

Though the album definitely serves up vibes of 2013 alt rock, Apartment Living is nothing but fresh. The Nashville based band’s debut LP is an individually and collectively enjoyable listen.

Father Mountain’s Old Grey Apartment

It’s important to note that though none of the songs sound like they’re on the same record, they should. For instance, “Grey” and “Sobriety” are polar opposites in composition. The album opener “starts this out at your grey apartment building,” fast paced and upbeat. Clear and functional, “Grey” is solid. It sets up the album nicely, playing with the senses. “Sobriety” slows things down, opting for less noise unless needed for a steady build-up. Though these two tracks oppose each other, they continue the story of growing up in isolation. Complete with an old grey apartment building.

That’s what Father Mountain displays as a key strong point: Storytelling. Honesty. Reflecting on thoughts we all have when alone. “Alabaster” is a brilliant track, a story of a breaking relationship. The vocalist sings “So what were our expectations?” as the music builds. The transition to the height of the music to a dizzy comedown is one to mention with “Alabaster”.

Guitarist Austin Hohiemer said, “It’s a record about learning what it means to have a family, with all of the joy, pain, eagerness and strife that inevitably accompanies those relationships.”

Bring in “Wait”, a hazy synth opposition to the earlier songs. In it, a cry to not be left alone. Analyzing feelings family might have. Is it sadness? Despair? Hope? What do we dream of that’s so terrifying? “Wait” asks these questions, searching for an answer.

Your Old Grey Apartment

Ah, seven minute closers. Usually the highlight on the album for me “Miracle of ‘91” was one of many. Apartment Living has several. It’s a package deal of storytelling and heart that’s so important for a debut LP. Father Mountain hit it right on the head. Wanting to reflect a band experimenting with sound and style, Apartment Living accomplishes this. And it’s out now, so give it a listen and find a sense of togetherness in the isolation of your old grey apartment.

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