Ferris and Sylvester are ‘Made in Streatham’

2017 was a huge year for the duo Ferris and Sylvester, including the release of their debut EP, The Yellow Line.


Their EP and supporting tours caught a lot of people’s attention with their own blend of folk, blues, country and Americana. Songs such as “Save Yourself” and “Berlin” resulted in them receiving high praise for their work which included Rolling Stone naming them among the Top 10 New Country Artists to Watch. Not only that but the EP also received great reviews from Mojo Magazine, The Guardian, The Independent and many more.


Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester have already taken 2018 by the horns by relentlessly performing live and by releasing their follow up EP, Made in Streatham. This new collection of songs kicks off with “Better in Yellow,” which instantly showcases the beautiful vocal tones that this duo has to offer. The use of the trumpet gives it a summery vibe along with the nice licks on the guitar. With this cool upbeat feel, this will be added to a lot of people’s playlists when the sun comes out.

Sometimes” continues the common theme of captivating the audience with the stunning vocals that this duo has to offer. The harmonies are spellbinding, especially with the use of the strings and piano in the background. Because of the gentle vocals, you get the opportunity to appreciate the lyrical side of these songwriters. You can’t help but love the use of the harmonica and organ during the track “The Room.” Both instruments help create an Americana sound that sets the stage for a story about their life in Streatham Hill.


“Loser” strips things back and adds delicate strings to create another captivating moment. Again, the use of delicate vocals lets the listener focus on the story that is being told. “London’s Blues” ends this release with an uptempo track to get your foot tapping along.


Not only does this show another side to what Ferris and Sylvester have to offer but also confirms that these songwriters can deliver no matter their style of sound. Building on what they have already created, they add some gospel blues to the mix to end this EP with a bang.


‘Made in Streatham’ Proves that Ferris and Sylvester are the Real Deal


Overall, Made In Streatham EP raises the bar on the caliber of music that Ferris and Sylvester create, and for folky Americana as a whole. They showcase a diverse range of their sound along with an inviting charm that is difficult to resist. With sublime vocals and harmonies, as well as an impressive lyrical depth, you get a duo with serious talent.


Ferris and Sylvester are unstoppable, always recording and on the road. There’s a lot to love and you’ll regret it if you miss the bus.

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