Flamingo Báy Releases “Capiche,” Got It?

Flamingo Báy are back in 2020 with their newest single, “Capiche.” True to their rock and roll roots, the track is a blast of guitar, drums and sheer 90s grunge.

The Canadian band is composed of Kris Gies (bass), Vince Rankin (drums) and Dillon Henningson (guitar). All three contribute to the group’s Nirvana-esque vocals. In an interview for “The Canadian Spotlight” by The Sputnik, Gies confirmed Flamingo Báy’s influences include Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age. As a result, tracks like “Blues Flute” and “Checkout Line” carry melancholic guitar licks and crashing cymbals.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, the band has been performing for over seven years. Its first album, Steak N’ Eggs (2015), paved the way for the group’s self-proclaimed “swamp rock.” For instance, it received attention from online reviewers such as Canadian Beats Media and Bucket List Music Reviews, who called it “a satisfying listen, especially for those of us who miss the 90s.”

The group’s newest release, “Capiche,” starts out with galloping chords that quickly transform into heavy distortion. The song follows a repetitive structure. It bounces back and forth between monotonous vocals and a strong guitar that leads the chase into the next verse. The sound is undeniably bluesy but also fast paced, over in under three minutes. Because of this, it gives a garage band feeling combined with Southern heat.

Recently, Flamingo Báy, producer Moe Berg and engineer Robert Nation have been busy in the E-MAC Studios of London, Ontario, creating a slew of new songs true to their swamp rock sound. Quarantine is the perfect opportunity to give musicians the chance to develop plenty of material. What more could listeners want but something to look forward to? In other words, expect a lot more from this group in the next few months.

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