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Forest Robots opens Up Our Eyes With ‘Inevitable’

Inspiration and music have had a close relationship throughout history. All songs have had an inspiration that got them started and moved them towards completion. Music however has been the catalyst to inspire people to take on big challenges or start their own movement. Our recent find Forest Robots handles both sides of this music/inspiration coin.

The photographic and musical project is the brainchild of Francisco Dominguez. Nature and more specifically the legendary mountain range of the Sierra Nevada inspired him to fully appreciate the true beauty of this world. As Forest Robots, he combines his collection of photos with music written to accompany them. As Francisco says “it is a love letter to my daughter about the wonders of nature.”

In addition to his daughter, the aim of Forest Robots is to instill the benefits of exploring the outdoors. It hopes to be an inspiration for others to take a bigger part in preserving our public lands and keeping them available for future generations. 

The most recent sonic exploration of Forest Robots is “Inevitable”. For this one, Francisco explored past his instrumental roots and added vocals to help further tell a story. The darker electro-pop song provides a full spectrum of sound to fill your speakers with elegant and emotional music. With the addition of the video, we get a look into the often overlooked subject of domestic violence. The sensitive sounds pair well with the sensitive subject. “Inevitable” becomes a full experience as we let the sights and sounds enter our minds. Hopefully, this will inspire a positive change in the ones who hear it and the world as a whole.

Find yourself inspired with more of the Forest Robots story HERE.

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