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Forest Robots Mesmerizes With ‘Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky’

We love watching the development of an artist in the music that they release. It is even more sonically satisfying when there is more to the artist than just the music. Our friend Forest Robots (aka Fran Dominguez) keeps the music and visuals coming with his latest outburst Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky. 

All aspects of art are explored by Forest Robots. Fran truly appreciates all the beauty of the world, both visually and sonically. His last project was the music and photography project he called ‘Inevitable’. Indie Band Guru covered that piece HERE

Now Forest Robots is back with another imaginative project including a full-length album (TWIKYWTS) and an accompanying short film “All Things Grow Faint With Great Adorn In Autumn”. The project is a fully immersive piece that takes you on an alternative journey through your own mind. 

As far as the album it is difficult to pin down into any one specific genre. There are elements of Synth-wave, Ambient, and Orchestral sounds. The faster tempo tracks can probably best be defined as Intelligent Dance Music as well. The lush soundscapes are complex but have an aura of calm that lets the music wash over you without any ill will. 

“All Things Grow Faint With Great Adorn In Autumn” is the visual companion to the album. If you thought the music was awe-inspiring, wait until you take in this short film. Fran says “it is the visual interpretation of nature and the transformative effect it has on all of us.” The exotic imagery keeps your eyes affixed and wondering what will come next. Prepare yourself to be mesmerized for the full 28 minutes of the video.

The album is available for preorder HERE

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