Free Man Takes Us Back To A Better Time

The beauty of great musical genres is that they will always come full circle and return to the favor of the true music fan. Let’s face it, the current state of popular music is not exactly forming classic tracks. Diving back into what worked over the past few decades is our recent discovery Free Man.

The band based in Buffalo, New York crafts an alternative rock sound that brings back memories to a great time in the music landscape, the 1990’s. Free Man puts it all together and seems pretty prolific in their songwriting. On June 13th, 2017, the band will be releasing a 16 track epic album titled Koinonia.  

Right from the opener “Bashed In Your Brains”, Free Man lets the listener know there is an energy in their songwriting that will get the blood pumping. A marching guitar melody sets the pace as the vocals scream forward with raw abandon. Great guitar solo here as well. The heartfelt “Infinite Radiant” keeps the energy going but with a soul-searching style showing real emotion.

Free Man shows some more emotion and diversity with “Ghost In The Machine”. There is an elegant feel in the lyrics and clean guitar tone that gives the song a ‘singing around the campfire’ kind of feel.  The love continues on the mellow ballad “Where Your Garden Grows”.  Harmonizing vocals provide that comfy feeling for all of us. A complete changeup comes on “Walking In The Air” with an almost hip-hop beat mingling with spacy tones filling the soundscape. I caught a sense on modern influences like Milky Chance and Glass Animals.

The rock returns even harder than before with “Walk Away”.  Chugging guitars build up with soft-spoken vocals to an explosive chorus that smacks you in the face with some expert drumming as well.

By the time we reach the closer “Steady Heart”, our hearts are not that steady as we never know what to expect next. We are sent off with a warm and pretty song that has a feeling of true meaning to the band.

Check out the full album stream for yourself HERE.

More info on Free Man can be found on their WEBSITE.

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