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Future Thieves Put a ‘Dark Spin’ on Indie Rock

Cool, easy, driven by synth. That’s Future Thieves in a nutshell, exemplified by their newest single, “Dark Spin.”


Future Thieves have been working hard on their upcoming self-titled record, which comes out this fall. Throughout the process, they’ve organically evolved their sound, crafting a purposeful blend of indie, electronic, and pop. In the end, Future Thieves creates a dreamy atmosphere, drawing you into their own musical world.


A full-length album of Future Thieves soon awaits, but until then, they’ve offered up their single “Dark Spin” with a beautifully dark video to match.


The song itself immediately delves into groovy synth riffs, setting the scene with a retro vibe. It’s cool and unhurried — Future Thieves know exactly who they are and they’re putting themselves out there for everyone else to discover.


Future Thieves Goes Dark for Dark Spin’ Video


Future Thieves got their inspiration for the video for “Dark Spin” from an unlikely place: a dark and morbid event that occurred in the band’s hometown.


“There was a mother who was overcome with jealousy of her daughter and is believed to have killed the girl while she was home from college,” the band explained. “There was a big cover up and lot of speculation as to who did it.”


Though the song itself wasn’t inspired by the murder, the lyrics come back to themes of darkness and hopelessness. Some rise above out of their dark places, but others don’t.


“Dark Spin” is that harsh reality.


In collaboration with director Preston Leatherman, Future Thieves pieced these ideas and concepts together into an artistic whole. It’s tragically beautiful and wonderfully creative, elevating the mood of the song to a new level.

Future Thieves’ upcoming self-titled record signifies a new beginning for the band. Weaving together pop and electronic influences is something new for the band, as they’ve previously been more closely rooted in indie rock. “Dark Spin” proves that this new direction is sure to be a success.


Future Thieves is due out September 7.


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