GaTa Steps Up His Success in “Check Up”

Hypeman, actor, rapper, mental health advocate are all on the resume of the breakthrough artist, GaTa. The amusing actor has recently released a new single title, “Check Up,” which premiered on the July 7th episode of DAVE while co-starring in the hit series. GaTa is reaping the benefits of his hard work by releasing this single, which focuses on the realm of his success.

GaTa made his first appearance on FX’s DAVE, which focuses on the life of Dave Burd, AKA Lil Dicky. He would instantly become a favorite among the show’s community, instantly bringing more opportunities such as rapping. “Check Up” is the first single from the actor and ecapulates the newfound success he’s acquired. Since the show’s debut, his success has been plentiful, attracting the eyes of the LA Times, Showtime and groundbreaking musicians. However, this isn’t his first round in the industry. Davointe “GaTa” Ganter served as a hype man for Lil Dicky and Tyga while laying down tracks for Lil Wayne’s, Stacks on Deck. He will co-star alongside RZA and Haley Joel Osment in Not An Artist while holding the title of motivational speaker for mental health issues. After a livelihood of breakthroughs, “Check Up” is following the path to put GaTa on the map.

Listen to “Check Up” below

Filled with an upbeat piano and trap drums, this track emits a pop vibe while possessing a unique voice to complement. The track is meant to evoke the idea of “chasing that dream to have everything you want. Not just for me but for my people too,” GaTa mentions. The Los Angeles-born artist uses his voice to create lyrics that support his statements with an impressive portfolio to add. Audiences should stay curious to what GaTa will do next as he could continue to develop his musical journey, act and direct or advocate for mental health full-time. 

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