Genesis7 – Behind The Scenes Creating Hot Beats

Another great thing about the music industry today is the ability for musicians to create music for a multitude of different uses, some of these actually leading to successful careers. It is fine with these artists to remain behind the scenes if they are still doing what they love and make a living at it. A good example is the career of Reggie Haith and Genesis7.

The Chicago, Illinois native is the founder and owner of Genesis7 Productions, LLC – a company devoted to curating original instrumentals and music in the Hip Hop & Neo-Soul genres. He has been in the game for over 20 years in all different capacities from DJ to Beatmaker to Producer. The music of Reggie Haith has been used in a wide variety of places such as his recently released “SOULiloquy” compilation album, as well as feature films, TV commercials, and as beats on a number of Hip Hop and Soul albums too high to count.
If you dive into the Genesis7 Soundcloud Page you will find a wide assortment of well produced beats for a variety of projects. Tracks like “Light Works” show off an exotic beat structure that can set up any artist that uses it as original and fresh. There is a more atmospheric feel on “All Clear”. The dreamy vibe created here could back some sultry soul or a dark movie soundtrack. On Genesis7’s “Prem Styles” beat it all comes together in one as the atmospheric tone is coupled with a straight drum beat. This can be taken in any way an artist sees fit.

See what some additional artists have done with Genesis7 beats on this sampler of the SOULiloquy album:

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