Giles is back with a new single “Alive”

Making a name for himself under a new moniker, the acclaimed artist Giles is back with a new single “Alive”. This track marks a comeback from hiatus to reinvigorate people with an uplifting hip-hop anthem.

Giles, formerly known as Vthov, has received acclaim as a talented musician. He is a rapper, producer, singer-songwriter, as well as a multi-instrumentalist. Giles has put himself out there, opening for monumental icons like Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Kendrick Lamar. He also contributed to the soundtrack for the Oscar-winning film “Twelve Years a Slave”.

Listen To “Alive” Here

“Alive” features an impressive flow, Giles effortlessly keeps up the pace of his lyrical content on this upbeat hip-hop track. He weaves through the verse with his inspirational message. The chorus is powerful and triumphant, slowing the song down to emphasize the huge sound.

Interesting elements add to “Alive” and make the production on this track engaging. With a beat that matches the energy in Giles’s performance, the percussion is varied and exciting. Guitar chords add to the chorus, lending to the anthemic sound of the track.

If you enjoyed “Alive”, be sure to keep up with the artist. After returning with such a strong single, look out for what Giles has planned for the future.

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