Girl York has us floating on clouds with new EP, ‘Dreaming in 505.’

Trio Girl York blesses us with an early Christmas present with their EP, Dreaming in 505, released on November 30th.


Paving the way for a new generation


The five-track EP gives us an all around idea of the band’s sound. Throughout the entirety of the EP our only critique is that it wasn’t longer. Their music is addictive, a sound you can never get enough of. They are paving the way for a new aspiring generation of indie-rock artists.


Out of the five tracks, the third and fourth stand out the most. “Lost At Sea,” track three, is a major throwback and brings along with it a lot of nostalgia. The track exposes a different side to lead singer Shaun Martin’s vocals; it’s a more soothing sound that we don’t get to hear on any of the other tracks. The track transports you to a different universe for its duration, which explains why the band decided to release it as single and teaser for the EP.



Authentic and true to themselves


As for track four, “Dandies,” this instrumental shines the brightest. Unlike the other tracks, in this track the guitar seems to steal the show.  Through this EP, each band member gets to have their skills in the spotlight for a while.


Dreaming in 505 shows us that Girl York is an authentic band, one that chooses to focus on its own genre of passion rather than the latest chart-topping trend.

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