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The Goldwyn Experience Takes Us Down ‘Avenue B’

In today’s modern music scene it takes more than just songs to get noticed. We now live in a visual world. Adding in a video element is almost mandatory. Taking that to the next level and creating a full musical-visual experience is our recent discovery The Goldwyn Experience.

The project has been created by Goldwyn Thandrayen. He first started studying Jazz in his early years on the small island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Although Rock was an almost unknown genre in his homeland, Goldwyn dove in deeply when he first began playing guitar at age 16. Biggest influences were such legends as Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, and The Police. This led to a stint as lead singer for Montreal band Psychocide to further his approach toward rock stardom.

Now with The Goldwyn Experiment, he is taking the classic jazz and rock sounds to create something that is all his own. After a successful release of his debut full-length album Avenue A back in 2016, Goldwyn is now back with the follow-up Avenue B. The 11 track record is a performance album about a young man’s well-traveled life.

To add to the experience The Goldwyn Experiment is producing a mini-series of music videos featuring singles from the album.

The story begins with Episode 1 – “Queen Of the Night”. The video production is phenomenal drawing the viewer to both the story and the music. The song has a dark rock vibe but an elegant piano adds an element of beauty to the darkness. The tone softs to a more Jazz-based sound on “Let It Snow” showing the duality of the musician as well as the lead character of our story. The cliff hanger ending leaves us waiting impatiently for more.

On the third installment “Arrows” the sounds collide for a peppy yet introspective tone. The storytelling of the lyrics draws the listener in to see where The Goldwyn Experiment plans to go next. The movie making does the same. The story continues on June 11th with the next video premiere for “Whale Jail”. Keep a look out for it HERE. and keep up with The Goldwyn Experiment on his WEBSITE.

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