Gordon Thomas Ward leads the stories ‘Walking On The Wire’

When art is your life you must be willing to throw your full focus into it. This does not mean you need to be specific. Art is a many faceted diamond. Play music, paint, write. As long as you are sharing from your artistic soul, you are fulfilling your purpose. Our friend Gordon Thomas Ward has been in this life for quite a while and his artistic output shows no signs of slowing down with the release of his newest album Walking On The Wire.

The award-winning multi-dimensional artist has never taken the straightforward road to his music. Gordon Thomas Ward does what he does just for him. But his storytelling approach to songwriting highlights the real human condition. This makes his songs relatable and mesmerizing to us all. 

With his 5th studio album Walking On The Wire just released on June 14th, 2024, Gordon Thomas Ward leans confidently into the adult alternative genre with some folk and Americana peppered in for good measure. The 13 track record welcomes some well rounded collaborators including Noel Paul Stookey(Peter, Paul, and Mary), Eric Troyer (Billy Joel, Electric Light Orchestra), and Kevin Barry(JamesTaylor, Jackson Browne). 

On the opener “Silhouette” Gordon Thomas Ward lets a peppy beat lead the way as he delivers his unique vocals. There is a happiness to his voice even if the song’s protagonist is not feeling that same joy. Some soaring guitar adds to the fun of the track. There is a more country-friendly vibe on “Reap What You Sow” as the band blends their sounds to perfection. Again the story of the jilted lover may not be such a happy thought but the delivery takes away the blow. 

Some beautifully picked guitar shows off some true talent on “Butterflies.” A wide assortment of other instrumentation fills the speakers with an all-around encompassing sound. This is usually not an easy task on a laid back song such as this. The fun tavern storytelling style of “Comin’ In” will draw every listener close. We all feral as if we are there along the shore hoping the fisherman will make it through the storm. You may be surprised to find yourself singing along with the group vocals before the track concludes. Real songwriting at its best.

A darker theme creeps in on “Wendi Shires” as we listen and learn the lyrics are coming from the perspective of a young girl that has passed away. Again the acoustic instrumentation fills all the sonic space available without taking away any focus from the story. Perhaps on purpose, the next track “Kids Today” takes aim at current society while yearning for the easy going lifestyle of the past. Layered guitars blend perfectly to help paint the picture. As Gordon Thomas Ward says ‘The future offers us promise and pain, together we must find a better way.’

As we reach the end of Walking On The Wire we are set at ease with the closer “Now And Then” and its mellow tone. The overall result of a full album is a warm and inviting soundscape, perfect for a relaxed listening experience allowing you to think and absorb its beauty. Strong songwriting, warm instrumentation, and catchy melodies.

Dive into the back catalog of Gordon Thomas Ward and keep an eye and ear out for new music and books on his WEBSITE.

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