GREYE – Enter Progressive Americana

Music is an ever-evolving creature.  There will always be your standard genres like Rock, Rap, and even Zydego.  The musicians out there with real creativity will find a way to blend pieces of these different genres to make something new and original.  A great recent example is the music of GREYE.

The five-piece band based in Daytona Beach, Florida has created a new genre that they are calling Progressive Americana.  The sound takes traditional acoustic folk instruments and then adds guitar influences from the likes of John Butler, Brian May, or Greg Lake.  But wait there’s more, now add bass lines inspired by Alex Lifeson and even video games, back beats reminiscent of Steely Dan, Traffic, Motown or even YES.  Once you throw some meaningful lyrics onto that it becomes something that every music lover can appreciate.  

The GREYE Sound is Fresh And Original

The lineup of GREYE consists of Hannah Summer (vocals), Jett Wolfe (guitar and vocals), Josh Reid (bass and vocals), and Ray Grimard (drums and percussion), Ken-e Williams (keyboards and vocals).  Big things are starting to happen as the band just signed with Lakehouse Records and are currently touring the Northeast to get their sound out there.

A new single by GREYE, “The Worrier” is set for release on August 1st.  Right from the first note the dark funk grabs the listener’s attention.  Enter Hannah’s sultry vocals and you are now fully involved.  They build into all out power as she hits the chorus hard.  The band is tight as GREYE takes you on a journey through the song.  That same bassline weaves its way into your head and will be there long after the song comes to a close.

You can get an advanced listen for yourself and learn more HERE

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