Griffin Oskar Releases Debut EP “Hostage”

Griffin Oskar, a singer/songwriter/producer based out of LA recently released a debut EP through Republic Records! Hostage is a four-track pop-vocal record and was released on February 3. Oskar is a native of Portland, Oregon. He signed a deal with Republic after Swedish producer Danrell remixed his self-released track “Hostage.” The original version of “Hostage” was included in this EP.

Griffin Oskar’s Hostage is Catchy Overall with Bits of Emotion Throughout

The EP begins with a soft beat set by a repeated synth note. After a little while Oskar’s voice rings: “I’ve been looking for a way out of this cage you keep me in / Your hands touch my neck as your breath creeps up underneath my skin”

The track, entitled “Hostage,” is a catchy anthem.

Another track of note is “Head Above Water.” It starts with great production touches that make you feel like you’re truly underwater. The chorus also tries to be catchy but falls short.

“Bulletproof,” the final track of the EP, is a slow-crawling ballad. It primarily features an acoustic piano and ends the EP solemnly.

Feel free to stream Hostage for yourself on Soundcloud. If you like it, support the artist by purchasing the EP here!

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