Gypsy & The Cat Explore Familiar Themes with “Life”

Few themes have been explored more in depth by artists than those of belonging and identity. That doesn’t mean those themes are getting old, though. On the contrary, each new generation of artists have found a way to explore the topic in a new and interesting way. Among the most recent artists to do so would be Gypsy & The Cat, with their latest album Virtual Islands. Specifically, their song “Life” takes a close look at the topic, combining meaningful lyrics with creative instrumentation to create something truly new and unique.

Gypsy & The Cat Explore Familiar Themes in New Ways

Identity, isolation, and determination are not new topics to Gypsy & The Cat, either. While taking on a different tone, the band’s previous singles have also dealt with the issue. “Life,” however, manages to take on both a more sober-minded, yet passionate, almost victorious tone. There’s a definite weightiness to it, but there is also an underlying positivity.

The track starts off with a primitive, minimalist introduction and a generally moody feel. This eventually transitions into a simple electronica background, and at the chorus, the song picks up the energy and becomes upbeat, even optimistic sounding. The refrain, “it’s my life” shows an admirable stubbornness with embracing of one’s identity and declaring their independence. While the rest of the song tends to take a more cynical, brutally honest look at life, it is this refrain that reminds us that we don’t have to participate in what we disagree with or find repulsive. After all, it is our life. The track ends on the same instrumentally upbeat and positive note that the lyrics convey.

Universal themes in art never get old for the simple reason that there will always be people who relate to them. Each of us has our own identity, and while we know that, it’s nice to listen to an artist’s own working through of the issue, because it validates our own journey. What makes it better is when a musician combines great lyrics with great style, and that’s why you need to check out Gypsy & The Cat right now.

Check out “Life,” share it with your friends, and pre-order Virtual Islands today.

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