Hatchie Releases Creatively Retro Music Video for ‘Sugar & Spice’

Dive into the mind of Harriette Pilbeam through her indie-pop track “Sugar & Spice,” released under the name Hatchie. The track has a transcendental, psychedelic vibe, with an equally quirky music video to accompany it, radiating early-’90s vibes.
The music video resulted from only an hours worth of filming and a couple days of drawing, inspired by her high school scrapbooks. The vibrant, moving sketches fill most of the screen, with Hatchie in black and white in the foreground, really showcasing Hatchie and her crew’s creative psyche.

“Sugar & Spice” is the title track from Hatchie’s upcoming debut EP, out May 25. It’s already received lots of positive feedback as a “perfect radio-friendly indie-pop song.” But, “Sugar & Spice” isn’t the only trending Hatchie track. She received praise from the likes of NPR, The Fader, and more on her songs like “Try” and her follow up to that one, “Sure.”

Hatchie is More Than Meets the Eye

She sure knows how to create a catchy, compelling pop melody. Hatchie begins writing each song with the lyrics, as she imagines the tune in her head. She follows up with the underscore of chords and harmonies, even though she’s unfamiliar with music theory and chord names. She showcases her natural musical talent with creating music nonetheless.
Her creativity doesn’t stop there, though. Although Hatchie’s tracks may initially sound like a light-hearted pop song, she goes back and forth with herself with light and dark in her songs, tempted to make them a bit darker. She likes to mess around with what would seem like a complete pop track, turning it into something more unique and individualistic.
The Australian native already has plans to travel the world with her music. She’ll be appearing at the South By South West music festival next year in Austin, and has previously made appearances at Ball Park Music, The Temper Trap, Festival Of The Sun, and she isn’t stopping there.

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