Heistheartist Opens Up With “The Book Of Mary”

Following the success of his EP, Roots, Heistheartist has released the much-anticipated follow-up, The  Book of Mary. A four-track collection of sensuous, dignified Neo-Soul / RnB approach to secular/ gospel  themes. Incorporating his signature vocal styles rising above falsetto, and playing into the modal register allow Heistheartist to self-harmonize over his own melodies creating that majestic, (almost angelic) voice  over a deep bass funk.

The highlight track from The Book of Mary is “Childish”, a departure from the secular  and a pop-worthy reflection of earlier days when he wanted to party and be a thug. Rich with imagery of  the lost child crying out for guidance and direction, Childish captures the nostalgia with the lessons  learned. “They want to know why I’m childish, Can’t be street in the middle of the week, But on the  weekend I’m a thug I said, I’m childish”.

“Childish” is presented with two separate remixes; a Dance Hall  remix and an Afrobeats interpretation. Virgin and If I Were A Virgin Again, are both spiritual offerings  offering themes of regret, penance, and confession whereas “What Did I Do?” Is a simple lyrical offering rich  with instrumentation and vocal harmonies that grab the listener’s attention and snap them back to music.  The vocal dynamic range on “What Did I Do?” is worthy of attention as this concise piece builds up to a  tension and then is abruptly ended, leaving the listener wanting more.  

Overall, the production of The Book of Mary is well-executed as the final mix offers a deep bass which is  accentuated on the downbeats to keep the tight rhythms throughout. The melodic instrumentation is  blended throughout the listening space allowing Heistheartist to sing above the synths, this elegance in  vocal abilities captures the voice from above theme which Heistheartist is trying to achieve. The Book of  Mary will be a welcome addition to any Christian / Gospel /Urban radio playlist as the catchy choruses  coupled with the memorable melodies play well with the targeted audience.

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