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High Notes: The Next Podcast That Can Truly Change Your Life

It’s no secret that while ineffable joy and connection can grow through the music industry, so can a deep-seeded relationship with our vices. For decades, fans, friends, and families alike have watched some of our greatest musical icons battle addiction and recovery. Despite it having an effect on so many, addiction still remains an heavy taboo. Haulix has teamed up with Heartsupport and the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation to help put an end to this stigma, thus High Notes Podcast was born.

High Notes was created to help tell the true inside story on the “rockstar lifestyle” that has become so synonymous with touring musicians especially. Each episode highlights a different artist in rock and alternative music, and shines light on their personal stories and experiences throughout their careers. The first season launched on July 28th and has already shown a profound ability to allow artists to connect with their fans in the most genuine way.

Guests featured on the first season of High Notes include:

  • Bert McCracken of The Used
  • Anthony Green of Circa Survive
  • Nick Martin of Sleeping With Sirens
  • Brian ‘Head’ Welch of KoRn
  • Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves
  • Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October
  • Ronnie Winter of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Haley Butters of absinthe father

Throughout listening to High Notes you can expect to get a clearer picture of how one industry can allow people to experience the most genuine of emotional high’s, while simultaneously bringing some to their lowest of lows. But more important than that, you’ll find hope. Each story, every memory, building up to a place where things can and will get better.

“The conversations we have on HIGH NOTES can be tough to hear at times,” Shotwell adds, “but there is a lot of hope to be found as well. Our guests have overcome incredible odds to be where they are today, both as musicians and former addicts, and we hope listeners discover that they too possess the strength to make a positive change in their lives.” – James Shotwell, High Notes creator and host

With every episode, there are new lessons to be learned and new ways to be moved by the stories you’ll hear. No matter your relationship with addiction, High Notes provides a safe space to listen, discuss, and learn about addiction and how the music industry ties into that.

You can find more information about Haulix, Heartsupport, and Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation below.

ABOUT HAULIX: is the music industry’s leading digital promotional distribution platform. Hundreds of record labels, publicists, and independent artists use Haulix every month to share their new and unreleased music with members of the media on the company’s secure, customizable service.


Late one night, Jake Luhrs sat outside the Chicago House of Blues Stories of addiction, depression, self-harm, heartache, war, fear, and hopelessness echoed in his mind. Every night, a fan would share a different story. Although Jake was the well-recognized frontman of August Burns Red, he was at a loss for how to help. He wasn’t a mental health specialist and he screamed into a mic for a living. Not exactly the picture of expertise his fans needed. Deep in thought and prayer, all Jake knew was that something had to change

.Every year we help men and women brave their wounds, find purpose, and discover healing. Our goal is to create a legacy of life-transformation, freeing them from suicide, addiction, abuse, and mental health issues while empowering them with the realization they are loved unconditionally and supported by a community that believes in them. We do this by creating a safe space where people can come as they are and explore healing and providing resources. 

What we do: We provide a community space where people can find healing. One way we do this is through our support wall where people can share what they are going through and receive support and encouragement at . In addition we have self-help workbooks geered towards people who are struggling with self-harm and depression as well as an online anxiety course. Lastly, we stream on twitch 5 days a week to provide support and have dozens of YouTube videos with your favorite metal bands where guys like Ricky Motionless, Garrett Russell, and Matty Mullins open up about their experiences to remind you, you’re never alone. 


The Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI) is the first and only national community foundation dedicated to building a philanthropic source of funding for organizations to expand their capacity to provide people with SUD recovery support services. 

GRI supports organizations using evidence-based programs that have demonstrated success in:

  • Engagement of philanthropy leaders to invest in recovery focused non profit initiatives 
  • Reducing the stigma around substance use disorders, and recovery.
  • Deploy public, private and pop culture resources to strengthen the field of recovery.

For more information visit:

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