Hook Has The “Best Days” With New Single

New wave and indie rock band Hook shares their new music video for their single “Best Days” out now! Filmed and edited by the band themselves, “‘Best Days’ includes slow shots of Dublin through a disorientating filter,” and shows the view from the “eyes of someone wandering the city at night; confused, lost, lonely.” The band shares that they wanted to “compliment the songs messages” that talks about getting through tough times and complex emotions. 

Originally formed in 2019 and based out of the Dublin area, Hook spent a serious amount of time in writing, rehearsing, and recording the songs for their upcoming projects. Bringing this band to life are Eoin O’Donnell on vocals and guitar, Morgan O’Brien on drums, and Danny Spelman on vocals and bass. They alo self-recorded and self-produced their work, and had the mastering completed by Ciaran Byrne.

Just like in the recording, their music video carries that DIY and homey feeling to it. They keep the story consistent, and the visual effects of the video help to keep me engaged in the song. Check out the music video for their song “Best Days” here! 

Watch the official video for “Best Days” here:

Hook shares that they wanted to “capture a sense of nervousness and foreboding. The song features harmonics and distorted sounds” which help show the listeners what’s going on in their minds, even when these are confusing, unclear, and cloudy. While I appreciate the direction they’re headed in, lyrically, there’s a lot left to unpack. The band barely scratches the surface of the song’s possible potential. The listener is left to wander in their own emotions to better grasp the meaning behind it all. 

If this New-wave indie rock band suites your fancy, be sure to check out more from Hook!

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