Hopium Unleashes Infectious Pop Single “Scorpio (ft. Ralph)”

Hopium is a London-based, Australia-born singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He came to public attention via his 2014 breakthrough hit, “Dreamers,” which has since been sampled by the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth in their smash hit, “See You Again.” Hopium, known as Josh Hardy to his friends and family, works hard to make the Hopium umbrella as polished as possible. He dedicates his time to accompanying his project with visual media that will put a face to the story. From everything from the conceptualization of the project to the deeply personal lyrics to the music’s nuanced production and the design of the visuals and artwork, Hardy uncompromisingly upholds his creativity and complete artistic vision utmost in conceptualizing his works. With authenticity and a unique vision, Hopium is a versatile artist who oversees all aspects of his project.

His latest release is no different. Hopium is unleashing his newest single, entitled, “Scorpio.” On the release, he collaborates with glamorous songstress Ralph in actualizing this addicting pop track.

The single is an upbeat and catchy electronic track. The electronic riffs are invigorating and the vocals are really dynamic. Hopium sings in a falsetto toward the chorus and this creates a great effect. Ralph’s vocals are velvety and alluring. The duet in which Hopium and Ralph duels it out is very dramatic-sounding. The vocals are overall very smooth and compelling at the same time.

This is an ambitious pop song with a bouncy electronic beat and soaring synths that go on to make this track a classic.

This is a slow grooving electro-pop song with a slow burning appeal. Be sure you have a listen today!

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