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How to Get Out of a Song Writer’s Block

The music industry today is demanding and draining, expecting artists to constantly release new singles and albums. With the addition of social media and its need for quick entertainment, the pressure is greater than ever for musicians to conform to this fast-paced culture and society. Bands and singers work tirelessly to come up with unique musical lyrics and riffs to make their names stand out.

However, there comes a point for everyone where the lyrics don’t come out easily, and it seems almost impossible to create a chart-hitting single. This is most commonly known as a writer’s block – a.k.a., the worst thing for a singer-songwriter.

Songwriting is one of the most special things in this world, as it allows people to pour out their soul and find themselves in a raw, vulnerable way. Yet sometimes, a person can become dry after giving themselves so much to their music. Here are some ways to handle a writer’s block and get out of it.


Take a deep breath to calm writer’s block

It’s completely normal to have a writer’s block in songwriting, even though you may not feel like it is. Everyone goes through times when words don’t come easily; in these situations, it’s best to just stay calm and recognize that you are not alone.

When you are faced with a lack of creativity and musical flow, take a day off and calm your soul before trying to write again. Find your quiet place and just rest so that you can have the energy and patience to try the songwriting process soon. When you take a minute to stop within all the world’s chaos, your mind can relax and thus reset.


Discover yourself through others’ music

As a singer-songwriter, myself who has gone through a writer’s block too many times to count, making playlists and discovering new music are ways for me to find my voice again. When I can’t describe how I’m feeling, I find songs in which others sing those words for me. Listening to others’ music inspires me immensely, as it places new ideas and thoughts into my mind.

Yes, you are writing your own music, and it is extremely important to have your own voice and messages. However, there are so many artists who have strong voices as well, and it is healthy to just listen to music instead of writing it all the time.


Get some experiences

The best songs are written from personal experiences, so go get some! Take a road trip, go on a blind date or take risks so that you can have something to write about. When you embrace life and all of its opportunities, your whole perspective will change and will thus be present in your songs.

Inspiration is greatest when you are out of your comfort zone, and your lyrics will powerfully speak about letting go and cherishing the present as much as you can. Instead of seeing the world as dark, you can start to see the world as joyful and full of incredible experiences.


Writer’s block is natural, normal and even healthy. Although it may take a while to get out of it, it is extremely important to never lose sight of yourself and what you want your music to say. The most memorable musicians are the ones who proclaim profound messages to its listeners, so make sure that your songs are meaningful with purpose.

Songwriting is extremely hard, even though popular culture romanticizes it and expects perfection with every single song. It’s easy to have high expectations and aim to be like a past musical legend, but your listeners want to hear your voice. So take a deep breath, find out what you want to do as an artist and inspire others with your passion for music.

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