Hush Puppy Wanna Know ‘Do You Really Think’

In the modern music industry it has become easy for a band to get lost in the massive amount of new music that is released weekly. On the other hand, it is also easier for a new band to gain momentum quickly with the use of social media and their music going viral on streaming platforms. This takes hard work and dedication though. Our recent discovery Hush Puppy seems to have this all happening for them right now. 

The band based out of Perth, Western Australia may be relatively new but the band members have been part of the local music scene for a while. Hush Puppy is currently made up of Dan (bass-guitar), Dyl (lead vocals), George (drums), Matt (lead guitar), and Sam (rhythm guitar/backing vocals). Together they put together a modern Emo rock sound with influences from new wave, surf-rock and  Brit pop-rock genres.  

New single by Hush Puppy

Hush Puppy has teamed up with one of Western Australia’s finest music producers, Dave Parkin. He recorded and mixed their first two tracks out of his BlackBird Sound Studio. The latest release is “Do You Really Think” shows off some great production. Opening with a simple chugging melody and some straight up vocals draws the listener in. As the full band comes in the full sound spectrum is filled. There is something extremely catchy about the song that demands multiple listens. 

We see the potential for big things out of Hush Puppy if they keep consistently pushing forward. Keep up with their journey HERE.

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