IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… 3Bubble and J. Gray

Taking the best elements of music from the past and adding your own modern touch to it has been a successful practice for years. It still takes hard work to get it right but we recently came across 3Bubble and J. Gray who seem to be onto something hot in new hip-hop.  

We caught up with the duo as they release their new record LFTP Season, Vol. 1 Reloaded to get behind the scenes and into their mind. Enjoy the interview below:


Q: First off, where did the names 3Bubble and J. Gray come from?

A: The name 3Bubble was derived from “3rd degree” and from there the symbol for the degree bubble, became a part of 3’s name. 3Bubble is a different way of stating “3rd Degree” as in 3rd Degree flames being spit. 

J. Gray is a shorter way of saying Justin Gray. Simple as that.


Q: Your sound brings a lot together. How would you describe it?

A: Our sound is a mixture of genre fusion and southern soul. We’re hip-hop artists that tap into several genres with a soul-based foundation.


Q: Which artists have been the biggest influence on your music and career?

A: Too many to name but to name a few? Scarface, Project Pat, Lil KeKe, KING, John Mayer, Jaden Smith, Jay Z, and Nas.


Q: Your new album seems to be taking 3Bubble and J. Gray to the next level. Tell us about it?

A: We don’t agree with that. Our previous albums have been just as creative, melodically intricate, and just as heartfelt as the current album. The difference is with this album is the emotional connection that we have with this based on the current social climate of today.


Q: How does a song come together for you. What is the writing process?

A: We vibe to the music. Connect with the beat. Then tie our real-life circumstances and situations into lyrics and cadences that turns into beautiful music. 


Q: What do you hope that listeners get from your music?

A: Inspired and truth.


Q: What advice would you have for other rising artists?

A: Do it all yourself. All of it.


Q: What is next for 3Bubble and J. Gray?

A: More of the same. Blessings.


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