IBG Interview with rising Grime Star Eddie Vegas of YourOwnMusic

Gift From the Guru

There are successful people out there in the music industry. Eddie Vegas has been grinding and putting in the hard work. A success story for us all. Check out his track “Linkin” and an interview with him below:


What made you go with the moniker Eddie Vegas?

I can’t be making my government name bait! Need to lay low on these twitter streets!

How would you describe your unique sound?
Grime/Trap Uk Influenced!

Who are the biggest influences for your Grime style?
Underground Music, trappers inspire me!

Your song “Linkin” has really taken off. What was it like to get your first million streams on Soundcloud?
Mill’s don’t inspire me, trying to touch that bill!

Tell us more about your record label and company YourOwnMusic?
YourOwnMusic is the future of music, just trust me we are a force!

At what age did you become a millionaire?
21 touched a few mil, trying to touch that bil, ya get me!

What advice would you give to other artists on the rise?
Hustle, eat.. drink water!

What is on the horizon for Eddie Vegas and YourOwnMusic?

Hear more from Eddie Vegas on Soundcloud