Music is a powerful medium for creating positivity and healing. Both listening to songs that speak to you personally as well as writing songs that allow you to share your emotions. Our recent discovery I.K.P. has tackled this healing with his music. 

The alternative rap artist based in New York City has led a life of experiences. The goal of I.K.P. is to act as a voice for the individuals that often get overlooked. He advocates for LGBTQ+, Black, and Urban audiences’ everyday experiences. I.K.P. says, “It isn’t absolute, but understanding what other Black and Queer men endure, I wanted to share my experience to help others find their healing that isn’t concerned with external pressures.”

The latest release by I.K.P. is his fourth solo album, hence 11:11 | eleven eleven. It is also significant to the rap artist because it was released on his birthday, April 1st (4/1/21). The 16 track record takes us on a full journey through the positive thoughts of the artist. I.K.P. says creating 11:11 has been instrumental in his journey of recovery and healing.

The standout track for me would have to be “Reflex.” The beat hits hard right from the first note. As the vocals come in I.K.P. puts it all on the table. There is nothing better than an artist unafraid to speak his mind with no worries. His positivity after going through the struggles is intoxicating. This is an artist to keep an eye on.

Listen to the full 11:11 album on your favorite platform HERE.

Find more from I.K.P. on INSTAGRAM.

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