In Circles – Intriguing Sonic Palette Provided By South Florida Composer

After being involved in music and within bands for many years there always seems to be some personal sound that builds inside an artist.  This style may not be right for the current lineup you are in but it is there and it builds and builds as you mesh with more and more musicians.  Eventually this sound inside your brain starts begging to be released to the world after festering for so long in your mind.  This seems to be the story with our latest find Christopher Ramos and his solo project In Circles.

In Circles

After being in and out of bands and being a studio musician for over 10 years, The South Florida native decided to move out on his own.  Ramos is the composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer behind In Circles.  The project is difficult to pigeonhole as it has elements of electro, post-rock, and ambient music all with the warmth of beautiful melodic textures.  His goal here is to separate himself from all the instrumental rock music out there today.  With In Circles he brings in this wide diversity of sonic influences to create something truly unique and quite special.

Last week In Circles released the 6 song EP Let Go.  From the first ‘Intro’ track the listener is made well aware that this is not your everyday record.  ‘End Of Time’ is, for lack of a better term, a beautiful and simple song.  The simple guitar lick chugs along over an ever changing tapestry of sound.  On ‘Try Again’ Ramos shows how a song can build from an elegant slow beat into a cacophony of sound that all blends together in one mass collision.  The EP closer ‘WIsh You Well’ shows a lot of production talent as well for this sonic master.  This record will remain in our playlist for the times when some concentration is needed but a musical background is in demand.  Go take a listen for yourself at:

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