Over the last few years, the rock quartet In The Cards have been busy honing their songwriting craft and sound. This has led them to the creation of their new EP, Eyes Beyond Reflection. Amy Colclough (lead vocals), Danny Jones (guitar & vocals), Nathan Petherick (bass), Conor Chambers (drums) have used this time wisely to create a collection of songs that they should be proud of.


“Mazes” starts off the release with a delicate intro. The band then switch things up with Chambers leading the charge on the drums. It brings an energetic style of rock that could be compared to the likes of Paramore, especially when you add the vocals from Colclough. She has an impressive range that can also be heard during “Beautiful Silence”.


The mood then changes as the band slow things down to deliver a more emotional side to their music. This switch results in something special which “The Only Thing” proves. It gives Colclough the opportunity to showcase her vocal abilities.  You can feel the emotion within her tone, especially when she delivers lines such as “You are the only thing / That I can’t run from / That I can’t hide from”. There seems to be a stronger connection to the words that she is sharing.


This winning combination continues during “Careful Eyes” which is another emotional track with a beautiful piano intro. Like its predecessor, the vocals on display are sublime. “Hollow Hearts” picks the pace back up and ensures the EP ends strongly.



Eyes Beyond Reflection proves In The Cards are a rock band with a real talent


Eyes Beyond Reflection is an impressive EP filled with infectious choruses, stunning vocals, and a killer rock sound. In The Cards are a band that will appear on a lot of peoples radar with this release and deserves the praise they will receive.

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