IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Celiane The Voice

The biggest power an artist has in their music is to be free. There is no need to conform to a specific style or genre if it does not suit you. Music is expression. Our latest find Celiane The Voice accepts this freedom and share originality with the world.

We caught up with the innovative artist for a chat about their music and goals. Enjoy the interview:

First off, what prompted the decision to go with Celiane The Voice as your artist name?

We all have spiritual copies of ourselves, so Celiane is the name of mine. She is the techno part of my human.  The Voice is a collaborative effort between the two selves. 

How would you describe your multi-genre sound?

The genre I created is Electronica Hip Hopera around my voice.  I am classically trained but I found my voice didn’t fit any style that I really love to sing, so I created a genre that fits me. Hence, Electronica Hip Opera was born.  It blends electronic, strings and dubstep.  Though all these elements are not always present in each song, I do my best to keep the integrity of the music itself. 

Which artists have been the biggest influence on you?

The biggest influence on my music at the moment is Daft Punk, Hans Zimmer, Tina Guo and Herbie Hancock.  I am also really taken by the music of the wrestler, Shinsuke Namamura.  I love his entrance pieces.  So right up my alley.  All these musicians have elements of dramatic music in their reflective fields that speak to me and inspire me to do the same. The heart and artistic genius they bring to their music not only touches my soul but makes my eyes close in harmony with what I am listening to.  

What is it that drives you to create original music?

Music has no boundaries, like me, it is free. You can create whatever you want within music. It is like life, there are rules but within those universal laws, do what you will.   I wanted to create original music to fit my voice and to share, what I think sounds good. I wanted something musicians could appreciate playing and vocalists could dig singing. I myself, needed something new to listen and sing to, so I decided to create my own. 

Tell us about your latest single “Systematic”.

Systematic is a song that tells people to stand up, love yourself and love everyone else.  It lets humans know they have a will and a choice. It is definitely fitting for right now, but I didn’t make it for a time like this. I made it, because it’s time humankind stands up on their own.  We are very capable of achieving more. 

How do you hope to connect with the listeners through your music?

I hope to connect through making music that is worth listening to.  The themes of the songs are life that relate to them and challenges and triumphs they can feel.  Good times, bad times, blah times, hey, it’s in the songs.  Hopefully they come on this journey with me and it helps them move forward. 

What does the future hold for Celiane The Voice?

Hopefully I will be doing live shows, planning ComiCon appearances and performances, more music and a comic book or graphic novel on the way. So much to create out there. We will see.

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