IBG Interview Series – EDM Producer COREY

We all know how life can lead us down some dark paths at times. Music has been the savior for more than one artist. Our new friend EDM producer COREY sat down and filled us in on his journey and how music saved him and drives him to a positive future. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what made you decide to stick with the artist name of COREY instead of some wild mash of words like many others in the EDM scene?

Corey is my actual name and I want people to know it. I worked hard to beat alcoholism, Major depression, I got myself promoted at work. I’m proud of me and my name. COREY is the product hard work, desperation, love, and dedication. I want my music and my name to reflect that and I want to be real to my fans I want them to get through their issues to.

What first drew you to the producer side of music?

When I was 11 years old l heard Sandstorm by Darude and I was hooked onto EDM. The more I discovered I realized I understood the music and was able to know what was coming and what was needed. When I was 25 I was down in the dumps and my friend who was a dj at the time showed me garageband. And all of a sudden I could now make the sounds I was dying to hear. I progressed onto FL STUDIO 12 and the more I made and the more shows I went to made me see this is what I want in life. So now at age 27 I’m finally releasing my music and building my fan base and I can’t wait to do my first show! 

How would you describe the unique COREY sound?

My tracks have been described as chill, upbeat, and mainly within the electro house genre. Currently I’m focusing on creating synths that sound like vocals to make my tracks sound “fun” . I want people to remember the fun they had as kids ?


Which artists have been your biggest influences? What do you love about the EDM scene?

I would say my biggest influences have been Tritonal, Martin Garixx, and W&W. EDM is a lifestyle to me more than music its the only scene where you can share your crazy, show your emotions and feel part of a group that cares even if your only 1 of 100k people infront of a stage.

What is your motivation to push forward in this wild music industry?

My motivation are my kids and my friends. I want to show them that life can be exciting and that you can make your dreams come true with hard work. I want to show everyone it’s possible to do what you love even if life has thrown a lot of curveballs. 

What is next for COREY?

There’s nothing I’d rather do than see people get hyped about my music so I’ll keep making great tracks, hopefully release my EP within the next couple months and ultimately play live for my fans 🙂

What advice would you give to other producers pursuing their passion?

It’s not easy and you need to be dedicated. Even im at the very beginning stages of production and getting my name out there but thats what you need to do. Research, ask questions, send your tracks out EVERYWHERE. And biggest one don’t be shy you need to know your great and portray greatness if you want others to feel the same way about you.

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